As a child and young woman, Frances always joked that she was psychic when she “knew” things about others and occurrences around her and her sphere of family and friends. At 24, her parents had a dinner party and ended the evening with a guest channeling. Needless to say, this was the beginning of many visits to psychics and many books purchased and devoured.

In 2003, after the untimely and unexpected death of her son, Damon of a heart attack at age 33, she found herself surrounded by psychic people and began to educate herself with endless classes by psychics in the area.  People she had known for some time revealed their gifts to her and brought messages to her from her son.

During this period of soul development, she became a channel herself of Amadeus Mozart and he is filled with teaching her to love herself, trust in herself, and to teach the world of that which she has learned. 

She joined a community of like-minded souls. Being with those she has met brings joy and happiness that she knows she has been blessed by God energy and will teach others to know of her bliss.

Frances continues her journey of learning many modalities taught throughout Orange County, CA. She continues her educations with Psychic Classes, Theta Healing, and Mediumship to name a few. She never gives up an opportunity to learn more in the world of metaphysics. The latest class brought her certification in Hypnotherapy. This will allow her to take her clients into places they have never explored.

Frances classes continue to draw in students and she constantly finds new avenues to develop what she teaches. She does readings and hypnotherapy sessions in Tustin, CA, via phone or virtual services. The energy works the same no matter the connection. Blessings this day,