Frances will channel different unseen family and/or friends depending on your specific needs.

Available readings include:

  • Mediumship - Mediumpship readings connect you with your loved ones who have crossed to the other side bringing you peace and joy knowing they are so close. At times they bring you messages.

  • Psychic - Psychic readings are read from your energy field about what is near at hand in your future. Know that a reading is from your current energy. If you are not pleased with the information you hear, you have the ability to change the energy around it and change the outcome. If you are told you are staying at a job you don’t currently enjoy, know that the energy may change and the situation could become positive.

  • Channeled messages - Channeled messages similar to psychic readings, but are done via connection with your Guides, Angels and Others to bring you to a space of happiness and self-love.

Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Counseling Sessions:

  • Free 1/2 hour introduction to what Hypnotherapy means for you (phone call or in person)

  • Also available, one hour regressions of past life and current life

  • Minimum one hour Spiritual Guidance sessions which help you to decipher some of the meanings of symbols you may be seeing, questions about Spirituality or general guidance in a safe, loving space.

  • Minimum one hour Spiritual Classes. Meet your Guides, Automatic Writing, Channeling.

To schedule a session with Frances, check the calendar below.